Wednesday, February 24, 2016

This is the kind of quilt I work on when I don't have any thing handy to work on.

I always keep a bag of 2 1/2" squares in a basket by my chair that I can hand sew together when I have nothing to work on , and I am bored.  If I don't have something handy I will probably doze off and miss my favorite shows.My sister gave me a whole slew of 2 " squares that she cut by mistake. I saw them and said , I will never use them. Well after seeing them for a couple of years, I decided to sew them together by machine. It was surprisingly quick. She has since passed, and I couldn't part with it. Every time I see it, I think of her and the fun we had. The colors she had went together so well, and mad a pretty quilt.
The colors ln this quilt are quite loud, but I hope children like bright colors. 

Diagonal Scrap Quilt

This is a simple, and quick scrap block.  The size is just right when you want to sit back in your recliner, watch TV, and take a nap.


I had this cute scene of bird houses. I tried to make it look like the sky above and a flower garden at the bottom. I wish I had chosen a better looking garden. Hd to work with what I have.

Cute Little Bunny Quilts

I had several pillow squares that someone gave me, Decided to make them up in quilts.I made whatever sizes I could get out of them.

Small Sunbonnet Sue Quilts

The trouble with making sunbonnet Sue quilts , is it is like playing paper dolls, when you were a kid. You can't stop cutting up the parts and outfits, and you get carried away. I  made quite a few, and I would hate to tell you how many others I have now stored away for the next time I get the urge to try some more.I am just going to print all the different ones I made. When I ran out of groups of four, I did groups of two. and then just one for the center. Then I just build around them with borders, until I get to the size I want. I always like the quilt to be longer than wide, so sometimes I add a wider strip to get the desired length.

Scrap Quilt

I was given a lot of curtain material. I decided to try and make a scrap quilt out of them.
The pattern was a lot of swirls,but no definite design, and I had a lot of different colors.I think it turned out to look like a mosaic. 

New Arrivals in the family

Recently we had two new additions to the family.  Both arrivals were girls I made a small heart block quilt,twin size for Mia in pinks.I  wish I had made the block a little larger, as the heart would have been looked more pronounced. It is pretty though Their daughter is as cute as can be, and I hope she enjoys it.

The previous quilt was for a great, great granddaughter.

The quilt, I made for my great niece is a Sunbonnet Sue quilt, twin size. Her first name is Lia. It is a cute that they unknowingly chose similar names Lia is an adorable little girl.